How To Do On-Page SEO | What Is On-Page SEO

What Is On-Page SEO | How To Do On-Page SEO
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Hey guys how are you I hope you all fine today in this post we’ll learn about What Is On-Page SEO and How To Do On-Page SEO


Friends If you want to rank your website on Google first page then you have to do some On-Page SEO tactics to rank on Google and other search engines.

What Is On-Page SEO | How To Do On-Page SEO

There are two types of the method in Search Engine Optimization:- First On-Page SEO And second Off-Page SEO. 

On-Page SEO We have to do keyword research, writing SEO friendly title, writing a good quality article, keyword stuffing, image optimization, meta tags description, etc.

In Off-Page SEO We have to do link building, blog looks, submit website in the web directory, social media sharing, etc.

In this article we’ll learn about all factors of On-Page SEO if you follow these simple techniques then you rank your website on Google first page.

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What Is On-Page SEO

In On-Page SEO our main focus is on our blog post. First, we have to do keyword research, and after keyword research, our target is to write an SEO friendly and good looking article.

On-Page SEO: Keyword Research

In On-Page SEOKeyword research is very important. Before writing an article first, we have to find a topic of which topic is best for use. We have to find a keyword that has low competition and high search volume.

Google Keyword Planner is the best tool to find keywords. If you can invest some money, then I recommend you to use instead and semrush. They are costly but very useful.

On-Page SEO: Choose A Perfect Title

The title is very important to rank your articles. A well-crafted title should include your target keyword. SEO Friendly titles are very important for the Search engine.

How To Optimize Title


Length – A well-crafted title should have 70 characters.

Use Target Keyword – This is very important to add your title in your title.

Important Words – If you are writing a tutorial post then you should use “How To” word in your title you can also use Top, Best, Amazing, etc. words in your title.

Don’t Repeat Words – Do not repeat your focus keyword in your title. Because if you repeat your title, then it directly indicates the black hat SEO.


On-Page SEO: Use Headings Tag

Always use H1, H2, H3 And H4 Tags in your blog post. By this, your post will rank on different – different keywords.

Always use H1 tag in your main title example – If you are writing an article on How To Do SEO, then this is your main keyword.

So use this keyword in your H1 tag. And also repeat your keyword in your post at least 4-5 times. It’s good for Search Engine.

On-Page SEO: Permalink

Using SEO Optimized permalink is very important for On-Page SEO By this search engine will quickly understand your blog post.

There is an example of SEO Friendly permalink and non SEO Friendly permalink.

Non-SEO Friendly Permalink – https://www

SEO Friendly Permalink –

So now I think you understand which is best for you SEO Friendly or Non-SEO Friendly.

How To Make SEO Friendly Permalink


Make Your URL Short – Make sure your permalink is not too big. Your URL length will be only 3-4 words.

Use Keyword – Always use your main keyword in your permalink. By this, your chances to rank on Google will increase.

Don’t Use Hindi – Always write you’re permalink in English don’t use Hindi because if you use Hindi, then this is worst for your blog post.


On-Page SEO: Meta Tags Description

Always use an SEO friendly meta tags description in your blog post. When you search anything on Google. Then you will see something below title it’s called meta tags description. It’s best for on-page SEO

How To Write SEO Friendly Meta Tags Description

Meta Tags Description Limit – Your Meta Tags Description Should Have 160 Words.

Keyword – Use Your Main keyword and related keywords in your meta tags description.

On-Page SEO: Image Optimization

The search engine takes time to rank your article, but the search engine ranks your images instantly.

How To Make SEO Friendly Image

Rename Your Image And Put Your Keyword In Your Image Name.

  • Add Alt Tags In Image for on-page SEO
  • Use Caption In the image
  • Description in the image.


On-Page SEO – Highlight Or Bold Your Keywords

Highlight Or Bold Your Keywords in your blog post this is likely good for search engine.

On-Page SEO: Interlinking

Friends, I Think All You Know About Internal Linking In Today’s Time, It Has Become A Big Factor For SEO.

Benefits Of Internal Linking

Friends, if you do more internal linking in your post. So if any visitor comes to read your post. Then he will click on the link reading the post and reach your second post.

By This You, Will Get High Traffic To Your Blog, And Website And your earning will be too much.

What Is On-Page SEO | How To Do On-Page SEO


So, Guys, This is the “What Is On-Page SEO | How To Do On-Page SEO” article. I hope. You find Our Article helpful for you. Please do share and comment your thought about this all On-Page SEO Tips. Thank You!

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