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Most Popular Blog Topics 2019 That Gives Good Traffic

best blogger niche 2019

Welcome Back Friends! Today, our post will be based on Most Popular Blog Topics 2018 That Gives Good Traffic. In today’s article, we will talk about those Most Popular Blog Topics which will help you with good Traffic as well as generating good income.

The most important thing to get success in blogging is to select the right Niche. If you do this, then blogging will be very easy for you.

What Is Niche?

Niche means Category In blogging it means that your blog is on category. (A Specific Topic You Will Write About).

Profitable Blog Niches Question With Their Answers

After seeing these Niches, there will be some questions in your mind that we are going to discuss below.

Question number – 1: – Is its market larger.

Most people will have the question that if we choose this Niche then we will have the benefit of it, its Market Down will not be there.

So the answer is no, because in the coming time, the blogging market will be very big. People will start reading articles to save time.

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Question Number – 2: – In this we will get Traffic continuously.

The answer to this question is yes. You can never see the lack of traffic on these Niches told by me.

But in the coming time as it will be Market Increase, there will also be an increase in traffic.

Question number – 3: – Will the user take products from our Affiliate?

Now these questions should have come to you from many people, so the answer is yes, but there are some conditions.

For this you have to give good information about that product. If that product is bad then write bad about it.

This will increase your perception of your audience and increase the chances that they purchase products with your Affiliate Link.

Question number – 4: – Can we affiliate them?

So the answer is yes, in all Niches told by me, you can do Affiliate Marketing and earn good income.

Question number – 5: – Do you have interest in it.

Friends Before you select any Niche, you have to test it whether you are interested in it or not.

Because if you do not have any interest then you will not be able to work on that Niche for a long time. Think carefully then choose any Niche.

So let’s talk about those Most Popular Blog Topics 2019 which will help you get good income along with good traffic.

Most Popular Blog Topics 2018 That Gives Good Traffic

popular blog topics 2019

1) Travel

This is such a niche that you will never lack content. In this Niche, you will find very good traffic, as well as good CPC in which your Earning will also be very good.


Subniche :-

a) Personal Travel Blog – Friends, if you keep traveling frequently, you can start a Personal Travel Blog and share your experience.

b) Adventure Travel Blog – Friends, if you like to go to the adventurous, then it is a great thing for you, because now a days people like adventure travel blog very much.

c) Food Travel Blog – This Niche is also running very trending nowadays and people like it too much. In this Niche, you can share the experience of Foods at the place you go on your blog.

Now let’s talk about those ways which you can use to earn very well with Travel Blog.

best blog niches

How To Make Money With A Travel Blog

a) Hotel Reviews – If you go on tour, then you have to stay at Hotel. You can earn good earnings by giving your Affiliate Link by giving Hotel reviews.

b) Recommend Travel Gear – While traveling, you will need many Gears such as Camera, Gimble, Tripod etc. You can earn good earnings from Affiliate of these products.

c) Write A Travel Guide – If you are interested in writing then this is a very good thing for you, because if you like writing and traveling, you can do good earning by selling your E-book by writing your Experiemce in it.


2) Health

This is such a Niche that is slowly going very far ahead if you just build your blog on this topic, then you will succeed in your Health Blog within a few days.

In the Health Blog, you will not get much competitiveness and the Search Volume in it is very good. At the same time, CPC also gets very good in that your earnings will also be very good.



Women’s Fitness Blog – If you have knowledge of women’s fitness, then you can share your knowk to the people through your blog.

Gym Supplement Blog – If you have knowledge about Gym Supplement, then you can do very good Earning by sharing your knowledge.

Yoga Blog – If you are a Yoga Expert then it is a great thing for you because in this Niche you will find Success very soon.


How To Make Money With A Health Blog

Recommend Gym Gears – As I mentioned above, if you have knowledge about Gym Supplement, then you can generate a very good income through Affiliate Marketing.

Write Health Book – If you like to write, you can make a good income by writing a Health Book and selling it.

Affiliate Protein Powders, Capsules etc..


3) E-Learning

Friends, if you are an expert in something like SEO, Photoshop, Coreldraw Etc. So you can earn good income by giving their tutorials.



Photoshop Tutorial – If you are a master of Photoshop Editing then this is a very good thing for you, you can earn a lot of money by giving video tutorials of Photoshop Editing.

Guitar Lessons – If you have knowledge to play guitar then you can do good earning by teaching guitar to people.

Web Development Courses – You can earn a lot of by making websites also you can open your own Web Development Business.

Teaching – You can teach people anything via video tutorials.


How To Make Money With A E-Learning Blog

Create And Sell Your Own Course – Learning Blog is the best method to earn a lot of money if you use this method well, you can earn in millions.


4) Fashion

Fashion has become a very trendy niche now a days, and you will find Traffic too good.

Also, if you want to use some techniques, you can earn a lot more than this.



  • Personal Fashion Blog
  • Makeup Tutorial Blog 
  • Men’s Fashion Blog
  • Fashion Clothes Blog


How To Make Money With A Fashion Blog

Affiliate Products – Friends You can make a very good income by Affiliate to Fashion related products.


5) Tech & App

This is one of the Most Popular Category but you will get to see the Competition in this category but if you become successful on this topic then you can do Earning so much as you can not imagine.



Tech News – You can provide tech news via your blog.

Mobile Reviews – You can write mobile reviews on your blog.

App Reviews – You can give reviews of apps.

Tech Gadget Reviews – You can also give reviews of tech gadgets like cameras, phones etc.


How To Make Money With A Tech Blog

Affiliate Products – Nowadays, every day new mobile phones, laptops and many more products that are launched, you can affiliate them and earn good earnings.

Sponsorship – In Tech Niche you will get the benefit that you can also get sponsorships and earn good income. Protection Status