How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Harsh Agrawal

successful blogging
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Welcome Back, Friends! Today, our post will base on How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Harsh Agarwal (Shout Me Loud).

As you can see today’s post, we will know about the top 9 tips. that you can follow to become a successful blogger.

Even all Successful bloggers like Harsh AgarwalAmit MishraKulwant NagiAnkit Singla, etc.  They follow all these tips in their start-up stage. so which all this could become a Successful blogger today.

So if you want to become a successful blogger like them. And want to go further in the field of blogging, then continue reading this article without skipping any single point from start to end.

How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Harsh Agarwal (Shout Me Loud).

successful blogging

Top 10 Ways To Become A Successful Blogger


1) Select Interesting Niche

To be a successful blogger. selecting an interesting niche is very important and very difficult.

But if you find a topic in which you have vast knowledge. and you never bore it, then no one can prevent you from becoming a successful blogger of Promise.

It is essential for you to choose an interesting niche. because if you select a niche in which you do not have an interest. then you will not be able to stay in the field of blogging for a long time.

I will assure you that before you start blogging. invest a few days and find such a niche in which you are interested, and also you will not be bored.

If you are having trouble while selecting the niche. you can read the post given below.

2) Select Right Domain

Choosing the right domain to become a successful blogger is very important. Domain plays a significant role in achieving success in blogging.

What Is Domain?
The name of your website is called a domain, such as my domain as a blogging

If you are successful in finding a domain name that is good and unique in the world, believes that you will not have much time to succeed in blogging.

Keep these two things in mind before taking the domain.

Buy A .com Or .in Domain – Friends If you want to be a successful blogger then my first recommendation will be to buy a .com or a .in domain.

 Use Keywords In Domain – If you add your main keyword to your domain while taking the domain, it will prove to be a plus point for your blog.

3) Learn The Basics Of Blogging

If you want to become a successful blogger, then it is essential for you to have a basic knowledge of blogging.

As soon as you start blogging, do not pay too much attention to SEO, Link Building, Google Ads, Adsense, etc. If you do this, it will take a lot of time for you to get success in blogging.

You can get the basics of blogging through Youtube. Below is a link to some Youtube Channels where you can understand Blogging basics very profoundly.

  1. All Hindi Me Help
  2. Blogging Mafia
  3. Tryootech
  4. Indian Blogger
  5. Technical Ripon
  6. Techno Vedant
  7. Bm Tech Tips
  8. Oye Pandeyji

There are some of the channels which I have been following for so long, and I also recommend you.

On YouTube, you will find many more channels where you will find every smallest information about blogging.

4) Choose Right Language

Choosing the right language is also very important for becoming a successful blogger, many bloggers make mistakes in selecting languages, due to which they can not get success in blogging.

If you choose a language which neither speaks well nor does it, then it can be a huge disadvantage for you.

In Blogging, you select a language which you can speak very well and write.

If you are an Indian and you know Hindi very well to write and speak then I would recommend that you make your blog in the Hindi language.

Because now Google has started giving a lot of preferences to Hindi and there is not even much competitiveness in it, so it will not take much time to rank you.

Reason For Selecting Right Language –  If you select the right language then you will be able to produce as much content as possible so that your website will get an excellent boost up.

5) Unique Content

Friends, if you are giving good content to the people in the right language but that is not unique then this is a huge Disadvantage for you.

If you do Copy Paste on your website/blog, you will never be able to become a successful blogger.

Google also does not promote copyright content at all, so your article will never rank.

For Example – If a user comes to your website and thinks that I have read these things before.

He will close your website at that time so that your website’s Bounce Rate will get worse and your ranking will also get worse.

So, I hope you have now understood how important is content, to be a successful blogger.

If you also want to check the Plagiarism of your content and see if it is unique or not, then you can review the Plagiarism of your content by going to the websites given below.

  1. Small Seo Tools
  2. Dupli Checker
  3. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

I Hope You Are Enjoying This Article (How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Harsh Agarwal (Shout Me Loud)

6) Write Problem Solution Content

When I visited some of the successful Bloggers blogs such as Harsh Agrawal, Kulwant Nagi, Amit Mishra, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, I found a similarity on all those blogs.

I found that 80 percent of the content written on their blog is related to Problems solution.

So, I think writing a Problem Solution Content is very important for being a successful blogger.

Ever since I started writing content related to Problem Solution on my blog, my bounce rate and traffic have been perfect since then.

So, I hope you guys will start writing Problem Solution content on your blog/website from now on and become a successful blogger.

7) Learn SEO

Friends, as I said to you a while ago that before learning SEO, learning the basics of blogging is very important, then you will not ignore this topic at all.

After learning the basics of blogging, it now turns out to be SEO,

Friends, if you learn SEO from YouTube free, you will be wasting a lot of time to get the full knowledge of SEO.

So, I recommend you to buy premium courses of SEO to learn proper SEO in a couple of days.

If you’re serious in blogging and want to do blogging as a profession, not as a hobby and want to become a successful blogger then must buy premium courses.

Some premium SEO courses :


  1. Master Blogging Pro

If you’re a beginner in blogging and want to learn how to do professional blogging then freely contact me:
My email address – or you can DM me on Instagram my Instagram handle is @gotechhero.

8) BItonest

Its is an essential thing to become a successful blogger as you have heard that honesty is the best policy.

If you’re doing copy paste work on your blog and still you think that you will become a successful blogger, then This is your misconception.

Because every successful person did hard work to become successful so why you think that you will become a successful blogger by doing these fraud works.

So, if you want to become a successful blogger, then I advise you to be honest with others.

9) Regular In Blogging

Doing regular blogging is the best way to become a successful blogger.

Because if you’re writing regularly on your blog with high-quality skills, then Google thinks that your website is doing well so Google will also promote your site.

Friends do not accept defeat at any time in blogging. You have to continue working on your blog Regularly for 3 to 4 months.

After some time you will see that traffic is growing slowly on your website and your earnings are also increasing.

10) Write High-Quality Content

By writing regular content, I do not mean that you can publish whatever you want on your blog, but you do not have to do this at all.

You have to do proper keyword research Because of The proper keyword research very important for SEO. Then you should have to write an article on 600+ words.


Because it is very important. where you include some internal linking, outbound linking, H1, H2 tags as you can images and videos.  It helps with your high-quality content.

If you don’t know how to write High-Quality content then read this article :


So, I hope you liked this article (How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Harsh Agarwal (Shout Me Loud). If you have any question or suggestion, do not forget to mention it in the comment section below.

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