Top 10 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks 2019

high-quality backlinks 2019
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Hey, Guys if You Don’t Know about How To Get High-Quality Backlinks and You are searching for Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks and wants to rank your articles on Google’s #1 Page, Then You are at the Right Place.

Today here I’m Going to share your Top 10 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks for You guys. So that by this “Top 10 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks” Article You can properly learn about Ways To get high-quality backlinks, and I can beat with you that you never get all this Top 10 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks.

High-Quality Backlinks 2019

10 Ways to get High-Quality Backlinks 2019

Top 10 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks

Blog Commenting is the best option to get high-quality backlinks. Through commenting on your niche related website, you will get dofollow and nofollow both types of backlinks.

Simply you have to search on Google (which keyword you want to rank) you will see many blogs you have to open that blogs and make a lovely comment.

If they approve your comment, then you will get high traffic from those websites. Some websites give do-follow backlinks, and some give no-follow backlinks.

Some website to make comments only for internet, tech, mobile, Telecom, etc. Sites — etc.



2) Quora

Quora is one of the best forum websites that gives you high-quality backlinks for your blog.

If you are getting traffic from Quora, then Google will rank your site because quora da and PA is too good.

If you want traffic from Quora, then you have to make an account on
After creating an account, you have to answer some questions asked by people’s.

Only Answer on your niche based questions and leave a link of your post (not your link only your post link).

Note:- Do not leave your link in every answer. If you share the link in every answer, then quora will block you. So remember that.


3) Reddit

Reddit is also the best platform to get high traffic and high-quality back links to your blog.

If you understand Reddit algorithms, then you will able to viral your any blog post. But this is very difficult.

If you want traffic and quality back links from Reddit, then you have to write some articles on Reddit also you can share links.

By this, you will get traffic and back links for your blog/website.

I am using it for last few months and And I have got excellent results. I recommended you to use it.

4) Make A YouTube Channel

If you can start your own YouTube channel, then this is a beneficial method to get high quality do follow back links.

Make a video related to the subject on which you wrote the article and give a link to your post in the description of that video.

By this, you will get high quality back links and traffic to your website.

5) Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is also the best website to get high-quality back links. It gives you do follow, and no follow both types of back links.

You have to share your article on this website, and you will get high-quality back links and also high traffic.

6) Self Promotion

It is also the best way to get back links for your blog. You have to create a new website on blogger or WordPress and share your post links to that website.

By this, your website will rank quickly on Google’s search engine and also you will get organic traffic by doing this.

7) Wikipedia

All you have to know about Wikipedia, this is a very famous website. If you make backlinks from Wikipedia, then you will get huge traffic on your websites.

But remember that Wikipedia only gives no follow backlinks if you don’t show how to make backlinks from Wikipedia.

Then search on YouTube “How To Make Backlinks From Wikipedia” you will get a lot of video’s and learn by them.

8) Guest Post

If you want high-quality backlinks from high da and PA websites, then this is the best option for you.

Write an article and submit your articles on websites that take the guest post by this you will get backlinks from many sites.

Some guest posting websites —,,,, etc.

9) Directory Submission

Submit your website in Directory Submission websites. By this, you will get a fair quality backlink, but this is very important.

10) Social Media

Social Media is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks by social media; you will get a huge amount of traffic on your blog.

Many social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, what’s the app, telegram and much more you can use and get quality backlinks.

So these are Top 10 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks 2019 if you loved this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends.


You should also try to get a high-quality backlink from an image. so you need to in an image

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There are Top 10 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks 2019 by these ways you can get quality backlinks and rank high on Google. These ways are trending and the best ways to get high-quality back links.

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